Drop Off Dates (by confirmed appt. only)

All Sellers


Feb. 21

9am to 2pm &
4pm to 8pm


Feb. 22

9am to 2pm &
4pm to 8pm


Feb. 23

9am to 2pm &
4pm to 6pm
(less than 50 items after 4pm Friday)

Preview Sale (This special shopping time is for our sellers.)
No infants, children under 13 allowed until after 1pm.


Feb. 25

9am to 7pm

Pick up Date/Time (No appointment needed)


March 4

10am to 7pm

Seller Checks to be Mailed on


April 4


Drop Off & Pick Up Information

Use these quick reminders when preparing to drop off or pick up your items.


Things to remember when dropping off

  • Pre-sort by size and gender. Before you get to the sale, pre-sort your items by gender and by size. To keep them separated while transporting, tie them with a ribbon, twist tie or some other means to keep them bundled together.
  • NO parking lot bargaining. This is not fair to the other sellers.
  • Please, try not to bring your kids to drop-offs if at all possible! Seller drop-off is a very hectic time, and trying to check-in and put your items out while watching your children is very difficult. The parking lot is VERY busy and there are a lot of people inside the buildings. It wouldn't take much for them to get separated from you which can be a very scary moment! There a lot of sellers pushing large racks and carrying big items and furniture. It certainly creates an environment where a child could get hurt and it would break out hearts if that happened! If your children must come with you to drop-off, please note that they will NOT be allowed to help you actually put out your items on the sales floor. For their safety, children should not be alone anywhere at the event for any reason at any time. They should not ride on the racks. Also, items tend to get put in the wrong areas when kids help with the placement and if that happens they are not going to sell!

Things to remember when picking up

  • Pick up unsold items during designated pick up time! VERY IMPORTANT! Your items will be sorted by seller code at pickup time so this process goes very quickly.
  • Plan time to check to ensure you do not have anyone else's items accidently mixed in with yours! Sorting 1500 sellers unsold items is a monumentus task and we try our best to sort your items before pickup to avoid you having to spend hours finding your items! Please plan to spend a few minutes to check through your items before you leave the sale location. If someone picks up your items for you, they must also check your items by checking for your seller code on each tag of each item returned before they leave.
  • Please make sure to bring your pick–up pass with your seller number on it AND your picture ID to pick up your items. Please make plans to come during the pick up hours so that your items can be returned to you. We have to be out of the building that night, and the donation truck will be loaded at the conclusion of the pickup time.
  • Any item not picked up by the end of pick-up will be donated to an organization or our choice (normally this is the Lilburn Co-Op), no phone calls or exceptions will be made! If you cannot make it, you must send someone to pick up your items (please give them a note of permission with your name and seller number to pick up your unsold items).