Sale Dates and Times

UPCOMING Event Information
Mon Feb. 9 Seller’s Preview!! (click for info)
Tues Feb. 10 9am * - 7pm (please see restrictions)
Wed Feb. 11 9am - 7pm
Thurs Feb. 12 9am - 7pm (25% off items**) NEW
Friday Feb. 13 9am - 6pm (25% off items**)
Sat Feb. 14 9am - 6pm (50% off items**)

* No children/infants or strollers allowed until after 2 pm Tues.
** % off only applies to items WITHOUT an NR on the tags

*** Be sure to click here and print out your Ultimate Shopping Guide before you come to the sale! ***

Due to the crowd size on the first sale day, No children, infants, carriers, or strollers until after 2pm on Tuesday, the opening day of the sale. This is to ensure their safety. Sorry, no exceptions will be made.