Seller Tips

Tips for Kidsignments Consignment Event sellers…

  1. Don’t overprice! Remember, your items will generally be surrounded with an abundance of other items that are just as nice as yours, and the best price sells! Be fair, remember the clothes are consignment and sellers are all looking for a bargain! Some sellers wonder why they have more items to pickup after the sale is over than other sellers. It usually comes down to price. Items that are priced slightly more than their 'competition' or overpriced simply do not sell. Also consider leaving the ‘NR’ (no reduction) off since many shoppers return just for the discount days! Price it right to sell with the event opens!
  2. Start tagging early! Use cardstock paper(65lb or stronger only), strong silver safety pins, and sturdy wire hangers (not the flimsy plastic ones… they just don’t hold up with the thousands and thousands of shoppers that come to our sale!) Follow the directions on the site and you will be fine. (Click here to see our “Tagging 101” guidelines! ) Also be sure to fill your tags out completely… this means price, size, and description! Sometimes tags get lost from their items during the busy event and good descriptions help lost tags get reunited with their items. This can’t happen it tags are left blank!
  3. Don't get overwhelmed! The first time you sell with Kidsignments may be a little overwhelming, but don't get frustrated! It only takes a sale or two to get the hang of things and you will be a seasoned pro before you know it!
  4. Know the rules! It is not much fun to have to re-do things because you didn’t tag the correct way or because you tagged items are not accepted at the correct seasonal event. Make sure to read all the rules of selling and follow them to a ‘T’. We have been doing this for a long time and there IS a reason for the way we ask for things to be done.
  5. Pre-sort by price when you tag and by size when you bring your items to the sale! To tag your items faster, make a stack for your $1.00 items, your $2.00 items, your $3.00 items and so on. Then, when you are going through your items simply add them to the appropriate price stack. If you are time constrained (we have all been there!) you can start with the higher priced stack first so if you run out of time, you have made the limited time you had worth the most!  Also, when you have sorted by price, it is faster to put on the double barcoded tags and saves you handwritten and searching for the right tag! When everything has been hung and priced, you can then sort by gender and size to bring to the sale. This helps out  tremendously to save you time when you check-in and put out your items out on the sale floor.
  6. Items that are presented well always sell better! When possible, freshly wash, press, and hang your items neatly on the hangers. It’s all about presentation! Don’t forget to add the socks and hair accessories to outfits if you have them… the ‘extras’ always sweeten the deal! A little extra times helps a lot!
  7. Don’t bring your kids to drop-offs if you can avoid it! Seller drop-off is a very hectic time, and trying to check-in and put out of your items while watching your children is very difficult. The parking lot is VERY busy and there are a lot of people inside the buildings. It wouldn't take much for them to get separated from you which can be a very scary moment! There a lot of sellers pushing large racks and carrying big items and furniture. It's certainly creates an environment where a child could get hurt and it would break our hearts if that happened! If your children must come with you to drop-off, please note that they will NOT be allowed to help you actually put out your items on the sales floor. For their safety, children should not be alone anywhere at the event for any reason at any time. Also, items tend to get put in the wrong areas when kids help with the placement and if that happens they are not going to sell!
  8. Look at your items in BOTH natural sunlight AND indoor light if possible! Some spots won’t show up using indoor lighting alone but become obvious in sunlight. Checking your items thoroughly in both lighting conditions BEFORE you tag them will help you save time as items with stains and holes will not be accepted. Ensuring that your items are free from stains also helps check-in go A LOT FASTER as the helpers do not have to reject as much.
  9. Print extra tags! You can never have too many tags... you know... in case you mess one up or want to change the price of an item last minute, or if you just find out the hard way that you have way more to consign than you thought! Besides, you can always use them for the next sale as the tags (and your seller number) will not change from sale to sale (unless you miss selling for 2 years). Why not make a Kidsignments tagging kit with tags, masking tape, safety pins, a pin or Sharpie, zip ties, a lent roller, and scissors. This will help you from sale to sale, and helps a lot at drop off in case you found something you forgot to tag!
  10. Check News from Jeri for email tips she sends! She posts all information here in case you miss any!

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