Selling Process

What will you make by selling your gently used childrens, maternity and teen items with us? You will earn 67% (minus the $15.50 consigners fee which is subtracted from your portion of the check so you do not have to pay it prior to the event) of the selling price of your items that sold! Kidsignments provides a stamped envelope (included with the consigners fee). (Sold Amount * 67%) - 15.50 = Seller check amount

  1. Register to sell as soon as we open for appointment requests! (click here to register if you haven't already)

  2. Wait for your conformation email. You must be a confirmed seller with a confirmed four-digit numeric code in order to sell with us. In general, your seller code will be the last 4 digits of your phone number, but if that code is already taken you will be assigned an alternative number. For example, if your phone is 777-555-1234, your seller code will probably be 1234. If you are a new seller, you must wait for Kidsignments to assign you a code and your four-digit seller number will be listed in your confirmation email. Your appointment to bring your prepared and tagged items will be listed in your confirmation email.

  3. Generate your tags on CARDSTOCK PAPER. The tags will be used to identify your items at the event. Tags are either pinned to or taped to items depending on what the items are. For a complete guide on how to tag, click here to go directly to "Tagging 101" which includes pictures and descriptions of how to tag your items. You must only use the original, Kidsignments barcoded tags found on our site. You can print the tags directly from your home printer but the tags MUST BE PRINTED ON CARDSTOCK PAPER ( either 65lb or 110lb weight). DO NOT use regular copy paper as it is far too flimsy and will not last during the sale. Please make sure the barcode is not 'blurred' and the tag is clear and easy to read or your tags will not scan. The tags print 8 to a page. Also, do not alter the printed tags in any way as the prices are depicted in the barcodes and must match up! Make sure to print extra tags! You will probably find more things to put in the sale than you expect! We prefer that you use white or light colored tags since they scan the best. If you wish to use another color for your tags please make sure they are light in color to help to ensure they scan. Please only use one color for all your tags.

    Confirmed sellers with registered codes - you can generate your tags by clicking here.
    Pictures of

    IMPORTANT - Tags with NR must have the NR preprinted on the tag using the NR option when printing the templates - NOT HANDWRITTEN!
    IMPORTANT - Tags that are secured with masking tape must be created with the 'tape tag' template so they can be cut off at checkout.

    Tag Term Mini Dictionary:
    Tape Tags: Tags that you use masking 'tape' to secure the tag to your items. Generally items with a hard, solid surface. Tape is placed at the top and botton of the tag so it can be cut off at checkout when the item is purchased
    Pin Tags: Tags that you use a safety pin to secure the tag to your items. Soft items such as clothing have Pin Tags used to secure the tag to the items.
    Single Bar Coded Tag: Tag that only has your seller code barcoded on it.
    Double Bar Coded Tag: Tags that we LOVE that have both your seller code AND the price barcoded on it.
    NR: Means "Not Reduced" or "No Reduction" when you use this option on your tag and create tags with the NR immediately following the price on the tag
    Items without a NR immediately following the price will be sold at designated discounts on discount days according to sale schedule for each event such as 25%, 33%, 40% and 50%. PLEASE only use NR on very select items as if an items is still on the sale floor on the discount days, it probably needs to be reduced to sell.

    Paper Tags: A big no-no to use. Paper tags are tags that are created with regular paper and do not stand up to vigorous shopping. The fold, curl, tear and easily come off during shopping.

    Card Stock: Heavy weight paper (at least 67lb or stronger (the higher the number, the heavier the paper).

  4. Sort your clothing by gender and size. This not only helps to expedite the check-in process, but will help you significantly when it comes time for you to put your items out on the sales floor. With 1,500 sellers max, we need as much help as we can get in order to make sure everyone is checked in a timely fashion.

    Here’s a tip from Jeri Lynn: When you are going through your items to sell, make a $1.00 stack, and $2.00 stack, a $3.00 stack and so on, then go through each item, hang it on a hanger and add it to the stack that coincides with the price you intend to use. You will then be able to quickly price each item since they are all sorted by price. Then, sort by size and gender and you are done!

     You must have at least 25 items accepted in order to attend the preview event so make sure to screen your items well. Please make sure to only use sizes we have racks for by checking our Size List.  

    February\March Event: Spring/Summer clothing
    August Event: Fall/Winter clothing (See additional information here for fall short sleeve exceptions for FALL event only for size 7 and up, young men and junior items)
    What can you bring? Check out this list we created for our sellers!

  5. Double check your items. All items must be in consignment condition. We do not accept anything with holes, stains, excessive wear, or any item that looks dated. We also can’t accept any items that have a heavy smoke smell or those that have been around mothballs since both can severely aggravate allergies of shoppers and their children. Please bring only clean, gently used items for the sale.

    Please double check your items to make sure they are stain-free, rip free, have working zippers, clean, fresh smelling, in-style and well presented on hangers. Make sure to button all buttons, snap snaps, tie bows, & zip zippers! Again, all items need to be clean, in style, fresh smelling, season appropriate for the event.  Well presented items always sell better!

    Check all of your items and make sure 1) it has not been recalled by checking the CPSC website and 2) that any baby equipment item is not older than five (5) years in age. You would be surprised by how many items get recalled. The site is not limited to children's items, in fact, the first time I checked it I discovered the very desk I was typing on had just been recalled! And yes, even clothing can sometimes be recalled! You must check all your items for assurance that they have not been recalled – it’s not just our rule, it’s the law.

    The majority of sellers reading this would never dream of putting in something into our sale or hiding a problem with an item but, for the one or two that might consider this, stop and consider: ****YOUR CODE IS ON YOUR ITEM - IF WE FIND THAT A SELLER HAS DELIBERATELY SUBMITTED A RECALLED ITEM, COVERED UP A STAIN, HOLE, OR OTHER ‘DEFECT’ ON AN ITEM, OR SUBMITTED A SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT OF ITEMS THAT DO NOT MEET OUR QUALITY STANDARDS, THEY BECOME SUBJECT TO IMMEDIATE REMOVAL FROM THE CURRENT EVENT AND FROM FUTURE EVENTS ****

    Absolutely positively NO adult clothing other than maternity or junior clothing is accepted.

    Junior clothing must be JUNIOR CLOTHING and CURRENT STYLES! No women's clothing will be accepted!
    Shoes not in excellent condition or larger than ladies size 6 or men’s size 6 will be returned at check-in. Remember, this is a children, teen and maternity consignment sale, not a garage sale.

  6. We do not accept handbags, bedding that is not childrens, bedding larger than full size, household items, collectible figurines, porcelein, food, liquids, and other items not geared for kids. Please do not bring them to the event.

  7. Tag your items on cardstock (65lb or stronger) and secured to withstand vigorous shopping!
    Secure clothing items with SAFETY PINS ONLY! Secure tags to clothing with a high-quality, silver safety pin. DO NOT USE TINY GOLD PINS as they are simply not sturdy enough.  PLEASE do not use any straight pins, or staples anywhere on your items!

    Pin your tag to top left of clothing, (or your right as you are looking at the item) and hang clothing so that the hanger looks like a question mark. Make sure the tag is pinned above the bold black line that is right under the words ‘Kidsignments.’ The bold lineon the tag is our ‘cut’ like when we remove the tags during check-out.

    Be sure to check out “Tagging 101” to see pictures of items pinned and tagged the correct way.
    • Pin Tags & Tape Tags: We have an AWESOME page (with pictures!!) on how to tag! Click here to read info and see pictures of properly attached “Pin Tags.”
    • Price and Size your items. The general rule of thumb is 1/4 to 1/3 of the original sales price. Items in excellent condition and name brands can sell for more than items of lesser quality such as those sold at discount stores. Remember, items must be in good condition and free from holes, stains, and excessive wear to be accepted into the sale. Shoes need to be in like new condition with no tread wear or scuffs on the toes. Shoes generally are priced less than clothing (about 20%-35%). Popular toys such as Little Tikes, American Girl, etc. can be priced higher. Hard to find items such as double and triple strollers can also be priced more. If in doubt, ask us at check-in. Most of our Helpers have been with us for years and will gladly tell you what similar items have sold for at past sales. When pricing, ask yourself, "Would I buy this for $xx.xx?" If you know the current retail price for your item, write this on the tag in the description area. If the item is not longer available, consider writing 'paid $xx.xx for new' on the tag. Remember, shoppers are looking for a bargain, so price as fairly as you can so your items will have the best chance to sell. Oh, and fyi… shoppers LOVE items without the NR! Use NR only when you are sure you will not accept any less than what you have asked.

      Please do not use S,M, L or pounds on size, only true sizes please. The only exception is maternity and Junior clothing which can be labeled small, medium, large, and x-large. We will have special racks for these sizes. Price only in 50 cent increments please. (Example: $1.00, $1.50, $2.00, $2.50 and so on.) DO NOT use prices such as $1.99. You will be asked to make a new tag with a new price at check-in!

  8. Drop off your items. Remember, this is by appointment only and for registered/confirmed sellers.  With 1,500 sellers max, we need each seller to help by placing their own items on the sales floor. This includes hanging your items by size and gender and placing shoes, toys, books, etc in the proper area. If you are unable to do this, please make sure to bring someone with you to assist you. If this is your first time selling with us, please ask an associate on the floor to assist you in finding the proper areas for your items. Also, please, please, please… no parking lot bargaining. This is not fair to the other sellers. If you are caught selling or offering to buy something during the drop off times, you will not be allowed to sell either the current sale or any future events and you will be removed from the mailing list. Also, please remember that all the helpers are there because they LOVE Kidsignments and helping to make it awesome and thank them for their help!

    **In order to help expedite you check in and help to ensure the post office can deliver your check to you as timely as possible, Kidsignments will supply the envelope and stamp to mail your check for this event and deduct the cost of the stamp from your final check amount. (Normally sellers bring their own self addressed stampled envelopes so this is a new item for the past several events.)

  9. Spread the word! Tell your friends to come shop on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday! Don’t forget, if you sell, you get to shop early on Preview day! Print our flier for them!

  10. Shop! Shop, shop, shop! But before you do… be sure to download one of our Ultimate Shopping Guides for babies, toddlers, girls, boys, and teens! They include a checklist of everything you might need to purchase at the upcoming sale, and even has a place for measurements and other important size info! And… NOW you can shop! The sale has seemingly endless bargains and so many unbelievable deals! And don’t forget your makeshift shopping cark like laundry baskets, new wheeled garbage cans, and tote with ropes are common here and make perfect carts! Try attaching a rope to your laundry basket to drag it behind you at the sale. Also remember to shop the non-clothing area for books, videos, puzzles, games, shoes, toys, etc. This is a great way to buy ahead for the holidays, birthday and other special gift giving times!

    If you shop, please remember that hoarding items is not allowed. Please take only the items from the sales rack that you intend on purchasing. Each shopper is expected to return unwanted clothing to the correct size and gender location.
    We need your help to ensure each seller is able to display their items and know you would want the same care taken of the items you submitted. We have helpers walking the floor and making note of shoppers who leave unwanted clothing without returning it to the racks and those sellers numbers will be noted at checkout and will not be able to participate in future events. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

  11. Pick up unsold items during designated pick up time! VERY IMPORTANT! Your items will be sorted by seller code prior to your pickup time so this process goes very quickly. Please make sure to bring your pick –up pass with your seller number on it AND your picture ID to pick up your items. Please make plans to come during the pick up hours if you want your items to be returned to you. We have to be out of the building that night, and the donation truck will be loaded at the conclusion of the pickup time. Any item not picked up by the end of pick-up will be donated, no phone calls or exceptions will be made! If you cannot make it, you must send someone to pick up your items with a signed 'permission release' to release your items to them.

  12. Watch for your check in the mail! Your check for 67% (minus the $15.50 consigners fee and the cost for stamp also which will both be subtracted from your portion of the check so you do not have to pay it prior to the event) of your items that sold will be mailed approximately 4 weeks after the pickup date for unsold items (date will be posted on the “Drop Off Info Page” link on our main site which has all the important seller dates! We make every effort to make sure that the checks are mailed as soon as the tags are sorted, scanned, tallied by seller, reconsiled and checks printed. Like all good things, this process does take time, and that’s why your full cooperation with our policies and procedures is GREATLY appreciated! Double barcoding your tags with both your seller code and price dramatically helps to ensure this process happens as quickly as possible!

    Note: When you receive your seller's check, you will receive a list with the selling price of each item that was sold, not an itemized list. The day of the week and if any discount was applied will also be listed. If you see most of your items sold helper preview, seller preview or opening day… you are probably pricing your items right. If you see that most didn’t sell until until the discount days (or not at all) you might consider pricing a little lower the next time around.

And now the fine print…

  • We are not responsible for items miss-tagged, lost, damaged, stolen, or destroyed due to fire or other act of God.
  • ALL SALES ARE FINAL! We reserve the right to refuse to accept any item that does not meet our quality standards or we feel may not sell.
  • We also reserve the right to exclude sellers and shoppers from our sale that do not show 'shopping and selling ethics' and those that deter from this event being fair and fun. Translation: If you hoard items, hide things at check-in, or try to buy/sell things in the parking lot, you will be dropped from the mailing list and not allowed to sell with us!