Sizing Tips for Sellers

Done tagging your items? Woo hoo! Not done yet? You are not alone! Are you overwhelmed and don't know where to start tagging? If you have a lot of clothes to tag, start with the larger sizes first and work your way down. For example, if you have several years of clothing for your child, start with what they just outgrew and work your way down in size. The older sizes sell extremely well (this surprises some people since they think infant is the first to "sell out" but at our event, the older sizes get shopped very heavily and quickly. Also, if you have 'trendy' items, these sell best right after your child outgrows them since they are more apt to be dated quickly. We usually have a tremendous amount of Girls size 10 and 12 so please try to keep in mind this when pricing those size items. Leaving the NR off is a wonderful idea!

Having the correct size listed on your clothing is essential to being able to sell it. Please write the correct size on your tag to make sure your item is in the right place to increase its chance of selling. (The sizing tips are also posted on the link on the “Size Tips” page so don’t worry if you lose this email about finding this information.)

Here are sizing tips:

  • Always use the lowest of the range listed on the garment's tag. If the tag says 4/5 for example, write size '4' on your tag.
  • 4T and 4 are two different sizes (we have separate racks for each)
  • 6 and 6X are two different sizes (we have separate racks for each)
  • If it says 'Slim' or 'Husky' on the tag, please include this on your tag! This is very important for buyers!
  • If it has an adjustable waist - please include this in your tag! This is very important to shoppers!
  • If the shoe tag says 'Narrow', 'Wide' or even 'Extra Wide' included this on your tag. Shoppers looking for these items greatly appreciate it!
  • Costumes - please use smallest size when tagging these also and list the range exactly like the tag reads like: 4-6.
  • When pricing a set, only include the price on 1 item please! Do not price 2 items separately and then hang them together on one hanger as a set. If it is hung as a set, it needs to be sold as a set. Don't forget to put the accessories on it too! Shoppers love to buy complete outfits! Make sure both pieces are the same size!!! You can put a piece of tape with your code on the additional items just in case they become separated.
  • TAGS – Please make sure only one tag actually goes on an item! Sometimes tags stick together so please make sure you are only pinning one on an item!
  • SHOES - You must write your information (your code and the price) in ink on a piece of masking tape placed o the bottom of the shoe and write on the tape. We know that you didn't bring us just one shoe to sell but at the end of each sale, we somehow manage to find that this phenomenon occurs. You must include a tag on one of the shoes. The tape does not replace the tag.

SIZES: (Check our Size Tips Page!) This list has all the sizes that we have separate racks for. Some manufactures have recently started inventing new sizes such as 5T, 6T, 36 months. We do not have racks for those sizes so please makes sure the size on your tag matches one of the following:

0-3 months
3 months
6 month
9 months (yes, this really is a size)
12 months
18 months
24 months
5 (put 5T on your tag if the item is 5T but hang in the 5 area)
6X (girls only)
18/20 (boys only)


Sizes are 0,1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15 (we also have racks for S,M,L,XL) Important – we really screen to make sure you are bringing juniors and not ladies clothing. We absolutely do not accept ladies clothing, only juniors. Please, do not try to bring non-junior clothing and try to put it on the junior racks. Some retailers, for example Old Navy and American Eagle, use even number sizing but they are not the norm.

Young Mens:

Pants: we go up to 32 or 34 if they are truly brands that are popular with young men (we have racks for S,M,L,XL also)

Here is a guide for 'if the tags says this, write this on your tag'


If the Tag says Write on Your Tag

up to 5lb,
up to 6lb

infant 0-3 months
3 months,
3-6 months
3 Months
6 months,
6-9 months,
6-12 months
6 Months
9 months,
9-12 months
9 Months
12 months,
12-18 months
12 Months

Another thing you will run across with tagging your infant items are labels listing pounds instead of sizes on them. Here are the best guidelines I can provide for size translation (although this seems to vary greatly by manufacturer so please use your best judgment as well):

If the Tag says Write on Your Tag
up to 5 pounds Preemi
up to 10 pounds Newborn
11-13 pounds 3 Months
14-16 pounds 6 Months
17-18 pounds 9 Months
18-22 pounds 12 Months
23-24 pounds 18 months
24-28 pounds 24 months


It really helps to hold your item in question to another one of the size that you think it is and compare them. This is the best way to determine if you made the correct guess : )

For maternity and junior sizes only, if the tag says X Small, Small, Med, Large, XL you may put this on your tag. We will have racks for these at the event (in addition to numeric size racks) for junior and maternity sizes only.

Your items will not sell if they are in the wrong size!!!

We often see items hung in the wrong spot due to the seller incorrectly interpreting the size. The most common things we see is 4t hung in the size 4 area or vice-versa, 6x items placed in the size 6 area, shoes missing the 'Narrow' or 'Wide' information, and infant items mis-marked. I hope the above gives you some great information to help make sure that your items don't end up hung in the wrong spot! I know you spend much time and effort preparing your items for this event and I want to give you as much information as I can to try to make sure you don't bring these items back home with you.

One last tip I have for you (well, there are a bunch more on the FAQ( Frequently asked Questions) page on the site : ) I strongly encourage you to use the 'NR' option on your tags as little as possible. If an item has been on the sale floor for the preview sale as well as 3 additional full sale days, it has had a really good opportunity to be shopped. If you really don't want to bring it back home with you (and fill up that nice closet you just cleaned out), please use the 'NR' option very selectively. Also, you must use the tags with the NR preprinted on them for this event. We do not accept tags where the NR has been handwritten on them. We also do not accept tags where the NR has been altered in any way (crossed out, cut off, etc).