Junior, Young Mens & Maternity Clothing

In order to enhance our selection of Junior and Maternity items, these items will undergo a double screening process.

Our young teen shoppers can get discouraged when finding ladies items on the junior racks.
We want to provide the best shopping experience we can for them and help to ensure only in style (must be not older than 3 years) and junior items are on the racks.

In order to help us with this process, we need you to ensure that the brand name is clearly written on each tag for Junior and Maternity clothing.
If the name brand is not written, the helpers checking you in will not be able to screen or accept the item.

In order to enhance our selection of junior clothing, we will be doing the following:

  1. Each seller will have items screened at checken area to check for rips, stains, etc.
  2. Sellers with Junior and/or Maternity clothing will be given a marker to place on their rack.
  3. They will then take their Jr and Maternity items to the sale floor where we will have a special area to screen to make sure they are junior (and not ladies) clothing and instyle.
  4. Sellers will place all other items on the event floor. After JR and Maternity items are inspected, there items will be placed on appropriate racks by helpers. Sellers must return the rolling rack outside the building where they got it so it can be used by another seller.

    Our junior\maternity screeners will inspect for the following:
Junior brands - no WOMENS brands
Current styles
Any other item the screener may have missed
Sporting items - we have separate area for sports and athleisure


Maternity - actual maternity item and not a ladies item in a large size
Current styles
Any other item the screener may have missed
Nursing items should be separated


5. Juniors Shoes - Shoes larger than a ladies 6 but ONLY the following brands:

Aasics Adidas  
Bear Paw Birkenstock Bobs
Brooks Chacos Converse
Diesel Fila Keds
Keen Merrells Mizuno
New Balance Nike North Face
Puma Reebok Saucony
Skechers Sperry Teva
Timberland Toms Uggs
Umbro Under Armour Vans

We will also acept speciality sports shoes such as cleats, real riding boots (not look like riding boots but real ones), and other specialty shoes. Additional brands 'may' be added to this list at the event that will also be accepted.

All shoes must be in excellent shape. No other brands will be accepted for size 6 and larger ladies.
Brand name must be written on the tag for size 6 ladies shoes and larger. The junior\maternity screeners will also be double checking these items.

I had several sellers tell me they brought ladies clothing and shoes from their own closets to the past events as well as this is evident at cleanup when all these items must be sorted-they do not sell here.
In order to not have a limit on the number you can bring or limit to only certain brands or exclude more items from the event, we are trying our best to do this additional screening process. We need all sellers to help too and not bring ladies or women's items. Having to pull these items out at checkin or pull from the racks takes extra time. Cleanup time is extended to sort these items also.

Remember to check out tagging tips on our FB page for some great ways to keep camisoles and blue jeans in place on hangers: