Seller Tips 2

Important – You MUST check your items (including clothing) to make sure they have not been involved in a recall. We do not accept any item that has been recalled and it is illegal for you to attempt to sell a recalled item so do not bring them PLEASE! There is a link to the recall pages from our site.

Remember - we have a great photo guide also on our site showing you how to tag your items:
Our Facebook page has some great pictures of How to Tag-Tagging 101:
You do not need a Facebook account to see our page or pictures.

If you are bringing items other than clothing, I wanted to share a few notes with you. If you are not bringing any of these items, you can stop reading now :)

If you are bringing a large furniture item and want to 'prescreen' it, please send me a picture of the item before February 2. It is very hard to screen with 100% certainty, but I can try to save you a trip to the fairground to verify your item. I can verify it is an item we generally would accept at this event and would be probably accepted.

If you plan on bringing any beds, dressers, desks, or other furniture pieces, I strongly encourage you to do this as we turn away several of these items at checkin.

If you are sending me a picture of your item to pre-screen, please try to send me the smallest attachment that you can! The lowest quality your camera can do is fine saved in the smallest format please.

When sending the email, please use a subject line of:

Prescreening Seller (enter your seller code)

Here are some general guidelines for furniture and other large items:

  • All items must be 100% complete ~ nothing missing. (Batteries must be included if the item requires it). It must be in great shape - do not bring any items missing hardware, knobs, pieces of any sort, etc.
  • All items (including all bunk beds) must be correctly assembled according to manufacturer specific directions with original hardware. No exceptions (this is due to the fact they must be safe, they will not sell unassembled and the buyer needs to be certain these items are complete - again, tested and confirmed from past events many, many times).
  • Due to government regulations and numerous recalls, no cribs will be accepted.
  • Recalled item - We are sorry, but do to safety concerns and laws pertaining to these items, we will not accept any item that has ever been involved in a recall, even if you have performed the recall since there is no way for the buyer to confirm this.
  • Please check recall site - there have been quite a lot of bunk beds, toddler beds, pack and plays, highchairs, exersaucers, strollers, etc. that have been recalled and these are illegal to sell and unsafe to use! PLEASE check the site for ones you are NOT selling too!!

  • TOYS
    • Toys CAN BE older than 5 years but must be in great condition.
    • Large toys must be clean, 'water free (no water inside the walls)' and not smell like pets (unfortunately I need to write that although I know you already know that) - if you have a big plastic item used outdoors, you must ensure it is water free and not marked by pets!
    • Battery operated cars - you must check manufacture website for item and make sure it has not been recalled. Batteries/charges must be included and fully charged (we unplug them after checking). IMPORTANT FOR BATTERY OPERATED CARS
    • Large dollhouses or other items with many pieces - remember to bag the smaller items and put your code on the bag!

    • Bikes - must have all pieces and fully inflated tires, working brakes, kick stands greatly appreciated too!

    • All baby EQUIPMENT MUST be 5 years old or newer. *** Toddler beds, twin/full beds, dressers, rockers and furniture items are okay to be older than 5 years.
    • Car seats - must be less than 5 years old, never involved in an accident, and have instructions (download from manufacturer website if you do not have them). You must be the original owner in order to guarantee the safety of this item. If you are not, do not bring it please. They must be very clean! Including under the seat! The website for car seat recalls is:
    • High Chairs, strollers - must have center leg restraint, all belts, tray (for high chair), and be very clean (including under the seat, seat cushion, trays).
    • Stroller wheels must be in great shape, wheels not worn oddly, must push straight and include instructions on how to fold them! If you have a travel system with car seat, car seat must match our guidelines above.
    • Pack and Plays - must be clean, no rips in the mesh and fully assembled.
    • Exersaucers - make sure trays are cleaned and include all tray pieces.
    • Swings - make sure batteries are working and please include instructions on how to turn them off if there is not a button labeled "off" - yes, there are some swings that do not have a button labeled off!)

    • Do not bring furniture with chips, cracks, chew marks, etc.
    • Do not bring items that 'break apart easily' when moved.
    • Do not bring painted wood items (including train tables) unless you know 100% that it does not contain lead in the paint. If there is no manufacturer information on it, you cannot verify since you need that information in order to check.
    • Do not bring Sauder(TM) type desks ~ they do not sell here (tested and proven) or any other furniture of this type.
    • We do not accept any mattresses.
    • Toddler beds, twin/full beds, dressers, rockers and furniture items are okay to be older than 5 years.
    • Rocking Chairs - Shoppers (especially tired ones) love to try out the rockers is what I recommend. Make a nice note and pin it to your chair with your policy on 'testing' (We 'patrol' this area, but seller's vary on their willingness for tests of their items).
      Examples: Feel free to test rocker, but please remember it's for sale! Long tests keep others from purchasing it.
                         Thank you, seller # 0000
      OR: Feel free to test this rocker, but long tests can create a sleep experience.
              Thank you, seller #0000
      OR: Chair is for sale, please do not lounge or place non-wanted items here! Thank you, seller #0000
Sellers have used variations of these notes and they drew many smiles in the past and some I think helped for quick sales!
We appreciate every effort that you take to make sure this event is a success! If you have any questions about an item, please email us before February 2 to ask at . We really do want to save you a trip bringing something that will not be accepted since it takes a lot of work to prep your items for this event and bring them to the fairgrounds.

Thank you for all that you do to make this event a success!