Seller Tips 3


You can always go through our main page also to get to the tagging site.

1) Seller Basics - use card stock for tags, secure only with safety pins, use wire hangers (preferred), size properly and tag early!
This tip is a MUST for selling pants, shorts, swimsuits, camis or any item that will not fitting completely on a hanger - not doing this will mean your clothing will slide around and shoppers bypass them - use heavy tape and strong safety pin to keep them from sliding:

2) Want to join the Kidsignments Helper Family? We need your help please! Our volunteers receive the benefit of shopping early at the helpers' preview and also shop early for half price day the night Friday night after we close! Want to join in the fun?
Please sign up asap at:

3) On Facebook and not seeing our posts? Make sure to update your settings on FB to follow us to not miss out! We have over 10K following us but our posts are only seen by a few hundred of you - don't miss out! We do many contents and special offerings on our FB page!

4) PLEASE help share Kidsignments with others - it is polite to share right? The more folks that know, the more that will come to shop and potentially buy your items!
Download fliers at:

If you or other family members work in an office with a bulletin board, please see if it can be posted there. Also, please share with your doctor's offices (gyn and pediatric office bulletin boards), daycares, church, library or other places that you think folks would love to find out about us (and then come shop to buy YOUR items)! Please do NOT post them on mailboxes! The more you help get the word out, the more shoppers there will be to come and potentially buy your items!

If you use social media, please share our FB site!

5) We have great 'How to Tag' Pictures on our Facebook page that are really helpful:

You do NOT need to be a Facebook member to view the pictures. If you have any suggestions for others, just let us know! We are constantly adding them :)
Of course, if you are on FB and would like to rate us, we really appreciate getting a 5 and nice comments!

I have compiled a quick list of questions I usually receive as the event nears. I am sharing in case you had the same question(s):

a) When do I receive my preview pass? You will receive it at your drop off appointment.

b) Can I bring my husband, mother, friend to preview? Sorry, only one pass per seller or we would have 3000 shoppers on preview night!
Can I bring my infant in a carrier to the preview? Sorry, for safety concerns, no infants, children or strollers allowed on preview night or before 2pm on opening day.
We do offer seller preview passes to our 3 hour volunteers!

c) This is my first consignment sale - help! Where to I start? Please see our links under Seller information on our main page and also check
I have archived the news from prior event so you can check out tips before I send emails about them.
There is abundant information available there. If you are on Facebook, ask away on our site! Check out the shopping tips too!

d) Can I put two different sized items together that I purposely bought like this due to the size of the items? You may but you MUST write on the tag the proper size of each item and hang the item with the smaller size. They must also be relatively close in size.

e) What is the largest size shoes you accept?
We accept all size infant/children shoes (0 - 13 1/2).
We accept all size kids shoes (1 to 6). (This is kids sizes, not ladies and mens.)
Mens 6 and up - we accept mens shoes for popular teen brands for higher sizes like Nike, Adidas, Puma, Converse, Teva, Keen, and other high end, quality casual, dress or sports shoes in top condition.
We do not accept 'Daddy' shoes so please refrain from bringing them please! When placing your shoes in the sale boxes, please make sure to put the kids sized shoes in the 'KIDS Shoe' boxes and not the men's boxes.

Ladies 6 and up - Restricted to the type\brand listed below as well as speciality sporting shoes such as soccer cleats, riding boots(real ones), etc.

• Shoes larger than a LADIES 6 must ONLY the following brands:
• Aasics
• Adidas
• Bobs
• Brooks
• Chaco
• Converse
• Diesel
• Fila
• Keds
• Keen
• Merrell
• Mizuno
• New Balance
• Nike
• North Face
• Puma
• Reebok
• Saucony
• Skecher
• Sperry
• Teva
• Timberland
• Toms
• Ugg
• Umbro
• Under Armour
• Vans
• Bear Paw


We reserve the right to be somewhat flexible in allowing select shoes to be placed in the ladies shoe sizes but our intent is for this area to be very restrictive to maintain the best high quality selection for our teen girl shoppers. We greatly appreciate our sellers help to ensure this also.

f) What does NR mean? NR=Not Reduced
Items with NR printed on the tag (must be preprinted on the tag by your printer, not by hand) will not be available to be discounted on the discount days.
Please try to only use this on those 'special' items that you must receive full asking price for and not on all your items.
If an item has not sold on preview, opening day or the next sale day, it is highly likely that the price is above what most shoppers think is fair price for that item so discounting 25% and then 50% will greatly help it to sell!

g) Can I use a tagger instead of safety pins? No, you must use safety pins to secure your 'pin tags' as the plastic tag guns do not hold up to the vigorous shopping that happens here. We have tried, it does not work. You may double secure your tags ABOVE the cut line with the tagger in addition to the safety pin.

h) Can I bring more items? Can I bring more than 150 items and still keep my appointment you gave me for 50 items? Can I add on to what I listed?
Yes, yes and yes! As long as the additional items are appropriate for this season, you may add them.
This is one of the most common questions we receive. You do not need a new appointment time.
We know most sellers add to what they list at the time they signed up :)

i) Hair bow sellers - Do I need to bring my own stand? No, we will NOT accept them so please do NOT bring them!
You may secure your bows on display boards that can be placed on the tables against the walls or in plastic clear boxes.
Also we do not release seller information, so please do not include your name, phone or website.

j) Can I use the plastic hangers my baby items came on when purchased? Please use wire hangers if at all possible. Infant items will fit on them.
Plastic hangers snap and break :( You may use the original hanger but…..if it does not slide nicely on the rack, it might snap, break and fall on the floor.

Will you reject my items if I bring them on plastic hangers? No, but please note that the volunteer checking you in will probably let you know they are not recommended.
If you bring tiny plastic hangers that will definitely not slide on the bars of our racks, we will ask you to swap them out for any spare wire ones we have at the sale.

k) Can my tags be on non-white cardstock? Yes, but it must be a light color. Please no reds, navy, dark purple, etc. PAPER ABSOLUTELY MUST BE CARDSTOCK! (67lb or heavier paper).

l) I messed up on my tags. Can I just cross through my prices and write new ones in? NO! You must create new tags! Altered tags will not be accepted.

m) Do you accept new in package baby bottles or feeding items? No, we cannot accept them.
What about breast pumps? We cannot accept any bottles or tubing unless it is brand new (replacements). You can remove them and put a note on how to obtain them and the estimated cost or order the replacement and sell it with the brand new accessories :)

n) Do you accept Rated R DVDS? No, they must be family friendly. Remember also, all DVDs must have a box. Sorry, No VHS Tapes accepted.

o) How do I tag blankets, towels, shoes, etc? Please see our "How to Tag' link on our site for great pictures!

p) Where do I get hangers? Try family, friends, neighbors, Facebook, your church, email loops - basically, put the word out that you need them and be ready to get swamped!

q) Do I handwrite description and size on my tags? Will I receive a list of sold items? Yes both description and size (if applies) should be hand written.
Kidsignments created our tag system with the flexibility and privacy of our sellers in mind. We do not use any third party for tags.
We respect the privacy of your information and do not require you to enter your tags or information with another party.
Our tagging system allows you the flexibility to create your tags offline but the tradeoff is that does not allow us to provide you with the descriptions of items that you would have had to type into a system.
What you will receive is a list of the selling amount of each item and the day it sold. If an item sold at a discounted price, it will have a special notation to note that it sold at 25% or 50% reduction.
If you are putting in items for a friend with your items, I suggest listing their items ending in fifty cent increments (.50 and yours to end in .00) so you can see which items are their's on the sold list easily.

r) How do I check for recalls? Please check this link for additional information regarding recalls:

s) How do I size my clothes? This is so important to make sure you put the size on your tag that allows your item to be properly hung on the sale floor.
Having the correct size listed on your clothing is essential to being able to sell it.
Please write the correct size on your tag to make sure your item is in the right place to increase its chance of selling.
The sizing tips are also posted on the link on the “How to Sell” page so don’t worry if you lose this email about finding this information.

Check out our size tips page:

* Always use the lowest of the range listed on the garment's tag.
Example: If the tag says 4/5 write size '4' on your tag.
* 4T and 4 are two different sizes (we have separate racks for each)
* 6 and 6X are two different sizes (we have separate racks for each)
* 5T and 6T - we do not have racks for these sizes. Please write 5T or 6T on the tag but make sure to hang with 5's or 6's
* If it says 'Slim' or 'Husky' on the tag, please include this on your tag! This is very important for buyers!
* If it has an adjustable waist - please include this on your tag! This is very important for shoppers!
* If the shoe tag says 'Narrow', 'Wide' or even 'Extra Wide' included this on your tag.
Shoppers looking for these items greatly appreciate it!