Seller specific information has been removed and helpful links added for the email below sent to sellers about drop off details.

Please see special drop off information for larger shoe sizes, junior and maternity clothing.

The tag site gets very busy the night before drop off appointments. Please try to create your tags ahead of time to ensure you do not have any issues! Our system lets you print your tags at any time so you can even save your tags to a file and print them at any time.

Junior\Maternity clothing - we will have special screeners for these items so please make sure to prescreen your items carefully! We will not be accepting items that are not for juniors or dated items. Young shoppers get frustrated looking at clothing that is not geared for them or dated so we are trying to help by being extra selective. Also, we have to sort the unsold items and we know what will not sell. Maternity items must be current and in style!

Shoes - we are extra selective on shoes, especially the older sizes! Please prescreen your shoes very carefully! Drop Off Details

How to make your check in go faster:

  • Double check your items for rips, stains, tears, missing buttons\zippers before bringing them

  • Did you only use masking tape and safety pins to secure your tags? Perfect!

  • Prior seller bringing some items that did not sell at a prior event? Make sure none have a crayon mark or sticker on the tag AND make sure you do not have your friend or family members items mixed in!

  • Double check that your correct 4 digit seller code is on each tag

  • Did you use 'blank price' tags? Make sure you have written the price in!

  • Sort items by gender and size - if you can bundle them so they don't get mixed up in transit, that is very helpful!

  • All small pieces secured? Add a small piece of masking tape and write your seller code on them just in case!

PLEASE GO SLOWLY THROUGH THE PARKING LOT! Please enter the Fairgrounds through the side entrance off of Sugarloaf Parkway & pass the arena building on your right. The building on your left with the red roof is the “Big Toy Building and is the building for any large toys or baby equipment items you may have. Please bring all clothing, other toys (detailed list will follow below) beds or furniture to the building on your right (Clothing & More Building). The entrance to the Clothing and More Building is around the other side of the building opposite from the gate that you pull into the fairgrounds. If you are looking at the building and see the large dock door, the entrance will be to the left side. We try to place signs but sometimes with all the cars, they get blocked. Please park as close as you can to the door to unload your car making unloading easier. The area immediately outside the main checkin doors will be blocked off. If you are unloading large furniture, toddler beds, etc. tell the person checking you in and they will have you drive around to a door close to where these items go so you do not have to bring them across the sale floor.

If you are approached by anyone in the parking lot trying to get you to sell any of your items to them, please let us know. This is not fair to the other sellers and potential buyers and is simply not ethical. Also, if you see anyone distributing fliers of any type at ANY TIME during the event, please let us know asap so we can take appropriate actions. I will give a $25 credit to the first person that reports any of this illegal and unethical activity to me. The fairgrounds is private property; we rent this facility and we are responsible for trash. Having fliers littering the facility is not an item we like to cleanup. If this happens while you are waiting in the line for preview, first person that reports it also is given a $25 credit and we ask you report this to the first policeman that you see so they can enforce this policy. We do not allow flier distribution on the fairgrounds property while we are renting it nor does the fairgrounds permit this.

Below are guidelines regarding items that should be taken to the 'Big Stuff Building' (this is the smaller of the buildings-white with red roof):

*** Basic Guideline - Big Toy Building ***

Baby Equipment
Most Toys
Furniture (except Beds, Dressers and Rocking chairs)

Ride-on Toys Big Plastic Toys Outdoor Toys
Bikes/BikeCarriers Sporting Equipment/helmets Large Play Sets
Walkers Strollers Pack and Plays
Potty Seats Swings/High Chairs Car Seats
Baby Backpacks Johnny Jump Ups Bouncy Seats/Bumbos
Bassinets/Cradles Diaper Genies Baby Baths
Baby Gates Activity Blankets Activity Boxes
Exersaucers Large Rugs Push Toys
Step Stools Large Toys Toy Boxes
Clothing Hampers Child Size Furniture Pop Up Tents
Stuffed Animals Doll Houses

Dolls & Accessories

Rescue Heroes Ball Pits Vehicles / Hot Wheels Sets
Barbie/Barbie Type & Accessories Play sets Action Figures
Building toys (lego, knex, etc) Older kids muscial toys Pretend Play (cooking, building, cleaning, etc)
Animals and animal playsets (horses, dinos, My Little Pony, Littlest Pet Shop, etc) ALL infant and toddler toys except rattles and other small infant toys Leap Frog\Vtech Type Toys

Clothing and More Building
ALL Clothing Pajamas - special area Costumes/Dress Up- special area
Heavy items that should not be moved twice Furniture
(fully assembled)
Changing Tables\Dressers
Infant Items
(non equipment)
Adult sized Rocking Chairs Books / Media/ Video Games
General Apparel Items Shoes Backpacks
(school type)
Bedding Pictures Room Decor
Lamps Any 'small' baby item Games & Puzzles
Feb Event: Swim Vests Aug Event: Costumes  

We have separate hanging areas for:

  • PROM\Homecoming dresses
  • Matching sibling outfits (mother daughter, multiples, coordinating family outfits, etc)
  • Uniforms
  • Pajamas are hung in separate area with the other clothing of the same size.
  • Juniors girls clothing will have special area for pj and sports clothing

If in doubt, just ask : ) Also, please note that we sometimes have to move items between the buildings to make room so the above list may be different for the actual sale presentation.

After parking(please make sure to lock your vehicle), come inside and sign in at the registration table at the Clothing & More building. Please make sure to sort your clothes by gender and size BEFORE coming to check them in! As we inspect your items, we ask that you help by hanging or placing your items in the appropriate area on the sale floor. This is very important in order to check in all sellers in the short amount of time we have (only a few days). If you drop off your items and leave without placing them on the sale floor, they will get donated since any item left in the checkin area at the end of the checkin day is assumed to be donated items. By helping us to clear the check-in racks, this should help keep waiting times for check-in to a minimum and make things go smoothly. If you are pregnant and need help, please let us know at checkin and PLEASE make prior arrangements to bring someone to help you! You will also need to place your non-clothing items – it helps to bring a container like you would shop with to help carry these items to the sale floor. Also, we appreciate you not taking time to browse while you are hanging the clothes or placing other items on the sale floor no matter how tempting it may be! We have many people to check in and appreciate your help to make this process runs smoothly.

  1. Come inside and bring your Self addressed stamped envelope or your stamp if you are using ours. No charge for the envelope, just bring your own forever stamp or money for a stamp. NOTE - you must ensure your address used on the envelope is same address as the one you list on your agreement. You must ensure you use an address you can receive mail at also - if sending your check to a different address than the one on file with us, you must attach a note to the envelope. If sending to someone else - you must list your name and also their name.
  2. Sign in and receive your Kidsignments agreement. If you do not sign, it is implied that you are in agreement by leaving your items with us.
  3. After signing your paperwork, get a z-rack to help you bring in your clothing items - provided you carefully use it, do not take it out in bad weather, and do not allow children to ride on it.
    Make sure to bring a tote with pull handle for non-clothing items.
  4. Place your items by size and gender on the Z rack (Find someone in a Kidsignments shirt if you have a question)
  5. Bring your items inside and a Kidsignments helper will guide you to the next available helper to check you in. NOTE – Due to some sellers arriving early and others arriving late for their appointments, there is sometimes a line for the next available helper. While you are waiting, please double check your items to make sure they are still sorted by gender/size. The line moves pretty quickly.
  6. A Kidsignments volunteer will check your items for acceptance. PLEASE note ~ they are trying to check you in as quickly as possible. They need to gather all items they are returning to you and return them as a group, not one by one. PLEASE do not slow them down by asking them to point out why they are returning each individual item. This will slow down the process and back up the checkin lines. It may be due to something that only shows in our lights that you didn’t see at home.
  7. Take your non-accepted items to your car or place them in the donate box. If we hold these items for you, all items that are left in the holding area will automatically be donated at the end of each day.
  8. Place your accepted items on the sale floor.
  9. PLEASE - Return the wonderful Z-rack to the checkin area for the next seller to use.
  10. Return to desk to pick up your preview pass (this is needed since some sellers chose to drop and dash without placing their items on the floor once they received their pass) to attend the special preview sale for SELLERS ONLY on MONDAY, February 10. You must have at least 25 items accepted to receive the preview ticket. You will need this ticket to enter the event building on preview night. This ticket has YOUR name printed on it. It will also be required when you check out with a PHOTO ID matching YOUR NAME so please do not lose it! Please remember too that no children including infants in carriers are permitted on preview night or on Tuesday before 2pm. You must have a photo id to pay by credit card or check and the name must match on both your photo id and the check or card. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express.
  11. Don’t forget to take your remaining larger items to the second building. When you enter, there will be helpers that will screen your items.

Two Important Dates:

1) Pick-up of unsold items is Monday, FEBRUARY 17 -- 10 AM to 1 PM and 5 PM to 7 PM. No phone calls will be made. After 7 PM any remaining items become the property of Kidsignments and are donated to a charity of our choice.

2) Seller's Checks will be mailed on March 21.


See You Very Soon & Happy Tagging!
Jeri Lynn
Kidsignments, Inc.