Size 7 & Up B/G, Junior and Young Mens Clothing
Fall Event Exceptions

Since kids in GA like to wear shorts and short sleeves in the Fall & Winter AND many brands do not go on sale at reasonable prices...

IN ADDITION to the fall/winter clothing items we already accept (please note that all brands are accepted for fall/winter attire) we will additionally accept size 7 and larger clothing items listed below:

Athletic Brands: Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, North Face, Puma and similar higher end sporty and speciality brands. This includes shorts, short sleeve shirts, leggings, yoga type pants and other type of athletic wear and athleisure wear.

Other Brands Included: J Crew™, Tommy Hilfiger™, Hollister, Lacoste, Express, Ralph Lauren, Urban Outfitters, Coast, Southern TIde, Vineyard Vines & Onward Reserve™ & SIMILAR high end brands. American Eagle also accepted since it has sold very well during our trials here of this brand. If you would like us to consider other brands, please email us and we will consider them.

Not Included(please see special note on shorts accepted): Old Navy™, Gap™, H&M™, Forever 21™, Target™, Walmart™, K-Mart™, Kohl™ and similar type brands and A&F™

SHORTS: In addition to the brands accepted listed above we will also accept:
Old Navy, Gap, A&F fall type shorts that are priced extremely competitive with retail store sales that occur this time of year!

All items must be current, in style and not more than 3 years old.

Sizes included:
Boy and Girl size 7&Up, Young men & Junior girl sizes

What is included for accepted brands listed above:
Boy Size 7&Up & Young Mens Items: Long shorts or sport brand shorts & short sleeve collared shirts and t-shirts.
Girl Size 7&Up & Junior Items: Short sleeve shirts, capris, dresses (fall/winter colors). Shorts are limited to sporty brands. Camisoles will only be accepted if they are one of the brands listed and sold with a shirt layered on top of them as a 2 piece set.

PLEASE NOTE that this is IN ADDITION TO the Fall and Winter items we accept - WE ACCEPT ALL BRANDS FOR FALL & WINTER ITEMS

Why not other brands for short sleeve and shorts during the fall? We are including brands that do not go on sale after the summer season for a reasonable price. Why not other sizes? Space constraints.

Please see email on Junior and maternity other restrictions.

Check out tagging tips on our FB page for some great ways to keep camisoles and blue jeans in place on hangers!